Even though it’s not Tuesday, I thought I’d do a quick top ten post because who doesn’t love one of these.

There are a lot of things that make me want to pick up a book (and not just it’s pretty cover) so I thought I’d list them off and then give some examples of books that had these things as well.

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1. enemies to lovers

This is probably one of the number one things that draws me to a book. Everything about the book could suck but a good old enemies to lovers relationship will definetly increase its rating. There are so many well-written enemies to lovers relationships and I’m so glad that this trope is becoming more and more common. Here are just a few of my favourites but there are so many more amazing ones out there too.

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2. wholesome friendships

Can we all just take a second to appreciate truly wholesome friendships… I mean, they make a story so much better and just more enjoyable to read. I do love romantic relationships but honestly, good friendships are equally amazing.

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3. good family relationships

Family relationships are also equally as wholesome as friendships. But I honestly just love it when there are nice, caring, supportive parents. Or really great sibling relationships!! Personally, as an only child, I live through the characters that have amazing family dynamics because it just makes me so happy.

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4. found families

Now, this is different from real families because these people aren’t related by blood but that won’t stop them from tearing the freaking world apart for each other. Found families are one of my main sources of joy in this cruel world because they always fill me with so much joy and love. There is just something about watching people grow closer than families that will make me lay down my heart for them.

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5. soft gays finding each other and living happily ever after

Okay, I stand corrected, this is the main thing in life that gives me pure joy. It’s just that feeling that makes your heart swell so much you feel like it’s gonna burst out your chest and you can’t breathe and your cheeks hurt from smiling like a maniac. I literally have no more words because it just makes me feel so happy/scream until I hack up a lung.

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6. amazing diversity

I think that diversity in books is one of the best ways for us to learn about the culture and just the world in general. I personally absolutely love diverse books and there are just way too many to even name. I’m really glad this is becoming increasingly popular in books because it’s truly very important.

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7. scheming/heists/puzzles

I mean, this is basically the Six of Crows duology but I really do love reading about heists. Or even just characters weazling their way out of sticky situations (I don’t know what made me phrase it like that) is so much fun to read about. I just feel like it builds so much tension and it completely sucks you in so you can’t do anything but throw yourself wholeheartedly into the plot. It never fails to bore me and I really want to read more books with these sort of themes.

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8. good reviews or recommendations

I know this sounds obvious like the most obvious thing in the world but it’s true. If I read even one review that’s praising the book and actually gives me reasons, I’m immediately hooked on it. Or if a friend recommends it to me, of course I’ll be compelled to read it or at least check it out. Here are a few books that were recommended to me that I loved:

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9. cool worlds

I mean, we all read to escape right? So why not go someplace cool? Or just really aesthetic settings and great worldbuilding or unique time periods can never go wrong.

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10. wit, banter or sarcasm (but like, well written)

When it’s done right my friend, nothing butters my wafer more than clever banter. It’s quite hard not to laugh obnoxiously in public when reading books with a lot of sarcasm but it will never fail to entertain me or at least make me smile like a lunatic.

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And that wraps up some of my favourite things that make me want to read a book. There are definetly even more but I just wanted to list a few of my favourites ;))

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Feel free to chat with me anytime. What things make you want to read a book?

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